ANSYS Examples

These pages have been prepared to assist in the use of ANSYS for the formulation and solution of various types of finite element problems. Questions or comments can be sent to Kent L. Lawrence  

Note: An extensively expanded version of these pages has been published as the book, ANSYS Tutorial for Educational Institutions and Professional Engineers

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1. Introduction

1.A Solutions Format and Samples

1.B Solution Sequence & Files - Describes the steps in performing a solution and the files required or created.

2. Truss Examples

2.A Truss1 - Simple 2D truss.

2.B El type - Including multiple materials and cross sectional areas in a text file.

2.C Truss2 - 2D Truss with multiple element properties.

3. Plane Stress Examples

3.A Plane Stress - Stresses in plate with a hole.

3.B Areas - Interactive creation of area geometry.

3.C h_refine - Mesh refinement to increase the solution accuracy.

3.D p-Method - Solution accuracy control using higher order elements.

4. Axisymmetric Problems

4.A Thick Cylinder Cylinder Stress and Deformation

5. Three Dimensional Models

5.A 3D Cylinder 3D Model of Thick Cylinder

5.B  Cyclic Symmetry Using symmetry to reduce problem size.

6. Heat Conduction & Axisymmetric Thermal Stress

6.A 2Dheat - Conduction / convection in a cylinder.

6.B Therm Stress - Thermal stresses in a vessel with spherical end caps.

7. Beam Examples

7.A Beam1 - Simple 2D Cantilever Beam. 

7.B 'L' beam - Simple 3D Beam. 

8. Plate Models

8.C Simply Supported Plate Example of shell element modeling

9. Natural Frequency & Normal Mode Calculation

9.A Truss Freq. - Natural frequencies of a simple truss.

9.B beamvib - 2D beam carrying non-structural masses.

10. Miscellaneous Topics

10.A Mapped Meshes - Creating meshes with specific properties.

10.B IGES - Transferring solid models from Pro/E to ANSYS.

10.C Materials Lib - Accessing the ANSYS materials library.

10.D Printing Results - Tips for obtaining hard copy of your results.

10.E Helpful Web Sites

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